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Bit Roll-Up Case 30 Pieces


Bit Roll-Up Case 30 Pieces

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or 44 €
Product description

Bit roll-up case, 30 pieces. 

  • Consisting of: S 2 bits.
  • L = 25 mm (16 pcs): PZ1, PZ2, PZ2, PZ3, PH1, PH2, PH2, PH3, T15, T20, T20, T25, T25, T30, SL3, SL5.5.
  • L=50 mm (7 pcst.): PZ1, PZ2, PH2, T20, T25, H4, SL3.
  • L=89 mm (6 pcs.): PZ1, PZ2, PH2, T20, T25, SL5.5.
  • 1 x Handle.
  • Bits made of chrome vanadium steel (S2 quality); bits with colour coding: for faster and simpler detection of the suitable bit.
Logo Metabo

In 1923, Albrecht Schnizler manufactured the first hand-held drill. This drill gave its name to Metabo. Today, Metabo develops and produces robust, efficient, and ergonomic solutions for users in construction and renovation, metal crafts, and industry.

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