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Firephant fire alarm white


Firephant fire alarm white


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Product description

Firephant fire detector offers the best of Swedish industrial design, a smart and safe fire detector developed with advanced technology and quality as a keyword in every detail. A fire alarm that blends well into the home and gives a sense of calm.

Firephant's elegant finish and matte curved framing blends into most environments, while providing security. By pressing the large metal button, you can easily pause the fire alarm if necessary or test its functionality. The fire detector is equipped with automatic calibration and gold-plated components in the circuit board, which provides a very high stability and reliability.

Firephant is designed by the award-winning industrial designer Lars Wettre.



Detection principle: Optical detection chamber
Battery: DC 3V lithium
Battery: included.
Power Consumption:
Alarm signal: 85 dB / 3 m
Temperature range: 0 ° C to 45 ° C
Humidity: 10% - 90%
Sensitivity: 0.1 ~ 0.16 dB / m
Dimension: Ø110 x 36 mm
5 year warranty
Test and pause function with LED that flashes during normal operation.
Battery protection, the smoke detector cannot be mounted without batteries.
Certification: CE, EN 14604
Optical fire detectors are the most common type of fire detectors and react quickly to fires.

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Housegard's stylish fire extinguishers mean you don't have to hide the gear that must be retrieved quickly in the event of a fire. Also, Housegard offers a wide selection of fire alarms and other fire safety-related products.

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