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Houcho Deba Knife 21 cm


Houcho Deba Knife 21 cm

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Product description

The Deba knife is typically Japanese. The blade is single-ground for maximum sharpness when slicing fish and meat with precision. With this knife, most things are sliced ​​with a single cut. Everything to preserve the soul of the meat according to Japanese tradition.


  • Material: Hi Carbon Steel.
  • Blade length: 21 cm.
  • Grinding angle 15 degrees.
  • Magnolia wood handle.
  • Sharpened with a stone or ceramic whetstone.

What is a Deba? Classic Japanese culinary knife that is mostly used to prepare fish and poultry. It combines the functions of a meat ax and a chef's knife. Deba is used for cutting off the head and filleting fish, cutting through small bones and skin, deboning poultry and cutting meat. The knife is sharpened on one side of the blade and it is smooth and precise and can handle most tasks like a chef's knife. The traditional design with grinding on one side and a slightly curved knife edge keeps delicate foods intact and allows them to release quickly from the blade.

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The knives from Sataké are made in Japan and combines craftsmanship with modern design. All blades are made of high-quality steel and have a perfect angle of 15 degrees for optimal sharpness.

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