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Viva Collection Hand Blender HR2657/90


Viva Collection Hand Blender HR2657/90

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Product description

Discover the power of the ProMix Viva Collection Hand Blender with 800 watts. Easily customize and regulate power and speed through SpeedTouch technology. The harder you push the button, the more power in the handheld blender. This makes it possible to mix and make different ingredients at several different speed settings. This model also comes with a whisk, a chopper and a spiralizer that allows you to make long strips of cucumber, carrot and potatoes for example. A perfect alternative to pasta, or for those who want to try something new!

Mix hard and soft ingredients with a powerful 800 W motor
Make good and homemade meals in just minutes. Mix different types of ingredients and get a fast result thanks to the powerful and reliable 800 W motor. 

Easily adjust power and speed with SpeedTouch technology
Get full control over your results with the SpeedTouch technology. Increase the pressure of the button gradually to increase and adjust the power and make of the mixer. To then ease the power and do, reduce the pressure of the button instead. Start slowly to prevent splashes and gradually push harder to you when optimum speed for your ingredients. Mix quickly and effectively with the turbo mode by holding the button all the way and getting maximum power. 

Get a new shape and taste for your vegetables with the help of a spiralizer
Make your diet healthier and more fun with a spiralizer. Easily transform fruits and vegetables into noodles, spirals and strings that also have a low carbohydrate content. It's a perfect way to vary and eat a healthy, gluten-free or clean diet. Choose from three previous ones: spaghetti, linguine or ribbon. The spiralizer is not compatible with older models. 

Easily take your smoothies to-go
Easily bring your favourite smoothies, or easily store your mixed sauces directly in the closable on-the-go mug. The mixer is made of BPA-free materials and has a built-in sealing ring that prevents leakage so you can take it with you, without spillage. 

Easy cleaning with dishwasher safe parts
Easy to clean because all detachable parts are dishwasher safe. 

  • Mix experience with SpeedTouch with turbo.
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables with the spiralizer.
  • On-the-go mug, whisk and chopper.
  • 800 watts.


  • Whisk.
  • Multi hackers.
  • Portable drinking mug (500 ml).
  • Vegetable spiralizer.
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