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Knife Set 3 Pieces


Knife Set 3 Pieces

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Product description

The perfect starter set! A toothed bread knife, a cook’s knife, and a small utility knife, this kit will get you far in the kitchen.

The G-9 is Global's classically shaped bread knife. The teeth are made to saw through the crust of bread but could also be used for some tough meat, for example crackling.

The G-2 cook’s knife is the best-selling Japanese kitchen knife ever made! It can slice, dice, chop, and really do anything that you need. A multi-purpose all-round blade that is included in virtually every knife set produced. It has won dozens of awards over the years testifying to the popularity of the blade.

The GS-11 utility knife has a medium-sized blade which is good for filleting small fish such as seabass. The blade is also flexible which makes it suitable for this purpose. It can also be used as a small carving knife and as it says, utility by name, utility by nature.

  • Contains: Bread knife G-9 (22 cm), Cook’s knife G-2 (20 cm), Utility knife GS-11 (15 cm)
  • Cromova18 stainless steel.
  • Hollow handles.
  • Handwash only.
  • Made in Japan.

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The Japanese Global knives have been world known since the mid-1980s, and that is not without reason. Their aesthetically pleasing appearance, their ability to maintain their sharpness, and their handy grip make them indispensable in every kitchen.

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