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ReCyko AAA 4-pcs

GP Batteries

ReCyko AAA 4-pcs

GP Batteries

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Product description

GP ReCyko+ AAA size 950mAh batteries offer greener, smarter energy for your small household appliances. These high-performance rechargeable batteries are compatible with all electronic applications requiring AAA batteries, such as clocks, toothbrushes, small torches, and remote control toys.

GP ReCyko+ AAA 950 batteries have an exceptionally long service life. They are guaranteed for up to 6 years or 300 recharges, whichever happens to come first.

Replacing single use standard cell batteries with ReCyko+ batteries saves money and produces less waste making them the most economical and environmentally friendly power solution for the home.

  • Most powerful rechargable batteries
  • Guaranteed for 6 years or 300 recharges, whichever comes first
  • Ready to use, precharged
  • Holds power up to 70% after 1 year once fully charged
  • Recharged by GP Charger for the best performance
  • Cost saving and environmentally friendly
  • Nickel Metal Hydride chemistry
  • AAA size
  • Rated capacity 950mAh
  • Nominal voltage 1.2V
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With a 20-year history in batteries and battery charging, GP Batteries is today the leading company when it comes to battery chargers and rechargeable NiMH batteries in the Nordic countries.

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