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Muurikka MEATER+ (plus)


Muurikka MEATER+ (plus)

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Product description

Muurikka Meater Thermometer Plus is a wireless cooking thermometer that is made of stainless steel and has a charger with real wood and a magnetic back, which means that you can charge it while storing it. The thermometer lasts over 24 hours on one charge, resists water and is easy to clean. You can also follow the thermometer directly via your phone up to 50 meters away and is compatible with both iOS and Android via the app "Meater Smart Meat Thermometer". It also calculates approximately how much time is left and how long the food needs to rest before serving.


• Dimensions: 130 x 6 mm.
• Material: Stainless steel.
• Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0.
• Battery type: AAA.
• Maximum internal temperature: 100 ° C.
• Maximum ambient temperature: 275 ° C (grill, oven, etc.).
• Dimensions, charger: 157 x 37 x 28 mm.

Logo Muurikka

Muurikka is a Finnish company that manufactures pans and barbecue accessories for outdoor use. The pans are used over an open fire, with gas or electricity. Muurikka has become iconic for this type of grill model as it was they who invented it in the mid-'70s.

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