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Pizza Oven 4


Pizza Oven 4

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or 432 €
Product description

Four is designed for optimal heat retention, which combined with the natural pellet efficiency of wood pellets gives you an excellent pizza experience with maximum calorific value and minimal energy waste. The self-feeding filling pipe guarantees an even supply of wood pellets in the combustion chamber. Made of powder-coated carbon steel with ceramic fiber insulation.


• Pizza oven for wood pellets.

• Ready to use in just 15 minutes.

• Temperatures of up to 500 ° C (bakes a pizza in just 60 seconds!).

• Portable lightweight model.

• Self-feeding with filling pipes for wood pellets.

• Suitable for 12 ”pizzas.

• Fuel: wood pellets.

Powder coated carbon steel with insulation.

• Dimensions: 730x740x410 mm | Weight: 10 kg.

• Incl. cordierite-pizzasten.

• Incl. guide with tips and recipes.

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