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Viper Counter Padel Racket


Viper Counter Padel Racket

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Product description

Utilizing your opponent's speed is the Viper Counter's hallmark. With this racket, the player has the best conditions to withstand the enemy's hard blows and can counter with explosive smashes. The unique shape provides a stable racket with a centered sweetspot and together with a top-heavy balance, the attacks become extra powerful. Viper Counter has a core built by Babolat's newly developed X-EVA Technology. Three different layers of EVA together give a perfect effect. The two rigid outer layers give extra speed in hard blows, while a softer inner layer provides an increased margin of error and comfort on looser blows. Like previous models from Babolat, the Viper Counter is designed with HPS-Technology which provides more speed and control thanks to the drilled holes in the rack being adapted to the rack's shape and sweetspot.


  • Core: 38mm.
  • Frame: Carbon.
  • Material: 3K Carbon.
  • Shape: Round.
  • Balance: Top-heavy (270mm).
  • Weight: 365 g.
Logo Babolat

Babolat is the world's oldest company specializing in racket sports. The company was founded by Pierre Babolat in 1875 and has since then devoted it's soul to racket sports. Today, Babolat has a complete range with both racks, clothes, shoes, and accessories.

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