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PerfectCare Compact Plus GC7920/20


PerfectCare Compact Plus GC7920/20

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Product description

Finish ironing 30 minutes faster. So fast and convenient, and you'll never worry about burning clothes. Finish faster with twice as much steam as a steam iron. No settings to change and faster results with better wrinkle removal. Easy to iron your whole basket in one go.

Guaranteed no burns
Even if you're multi-tasking or get distracted, you'll never burn your clothes. Thanks to our OptimalTEMP technology, we promise this steam generator iron will never burn any ironable fabric. You can even leave it resting face down on your clothes or ironing board. No burns, no shine. Guaranteed. 

No temperature settings to change
Save a step in your weekly ironing routine. You won't need to separate fabrics or change settings and wait for the temperature to change any more. Thanks to OptimalTEMP, you iron everything from your denim jeans to delicate silks without adjusting the temperature. 

Powerful steam for ultimate crease removal
When you need to tackle tough creases with ease, rely on our continuous steam to do the hard work for you. Watch those creases melt away when you use an extra boost of steam where you need it. And it's perfect when you want to steam vertical curtains or refresh hanging clothes. 

  • Max 6.5-bar pump pressure.
  • Up to 430 g steam boost.
  • 1.5 l detachable water tank.
  • Carry lock.
  • Weight of iron: 1.3 kg.
  • Product dimensions: W20 x H23.3 x D37.1 cm.
  • Colour: Aqua Blue.
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