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FiberComp Spray Gun Multi


FiberComp Spray Gun Multi

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Product description

The Fiskars FiberComp Multi Spray Gun features a lightweight, ergonomic design for exceptional comfort and easy control, with five popular spray patterns. 

  • Twist the exchangeable SoftGrip™ nozzle head to select a mist, shower, flat, rinse or jet pattern.
  • Handle has comfortable thumb flow-control.
  • Part of Fiskars modular watering system, match watering needs and task by combining heads with handle.
  • Universal connector.
  • Resists damage due to frost.
  • Stays warmer than metal nozzles in cold temperatures.
  • Universal fit – Fits with other brands.
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Fiskars will help you enjoy the time you spend in the heart of the home, the kitchen. From preparation to the plate, your cooking will be much more fun with their tools. Or if you love to take care of the garden, Fiskars garden tools will make it easier for you, year in, and year out.

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