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Zebra Powerbank


Zebra Powerbank


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Product description

The POWERplus Zebra is a high quality solar powered powerbank with an internal battery of 2.000 mAh. The Zebra has an integrated 0.3W solar cell, but off course this powerbank can also be charged by USB. Includes charging and battery status indicators.

A USB charging cable with micro USB, lightning (Iphone 5 / 6) and Iphone 4 adapter tips is included. The POWERplus Zebra is a solar powerbank / charger with integrated LED light. Optimised charging angle towards sun.

Technical details:
Solar cell: 5.0V / 60 mA/ 0.3W, 16% efficiency
Size 10x4x3cm

Lithium 3.7V / 2.000 mAh
DC input 5V +/-0.5V / 0.8A max
DC output 5V / 1A max
Overcharge protection

Logo PowerPlus

Powerplus is the market leader in renewable energy-driven products. Their products use solar, wind or hydropower as a power source. They strive to offer products that are environmental-friendly, independent of electricity and cheap.

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