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Smart Pro Plus Table and Floor Fan

Termo Gnosjö

Smart Pro Plus Table and Floor Fan

Termo Gnosjö
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Product description

Rechargeable fan with a high design factor. With the Termo Smart table and floor fan, you get a compact fan that can be adapted as needed. Stylish, quiet and compact in exclusive material choices with telescopic stands in aluminum material for high quality feeling and function.

  • Easy to place anywhere as it is wireless and a compact stylish design.
  • Telescope function, Height-Lowerable between 15-100 cm
  • Easy to fold up and down the product and takes up little space for storage and it is equipped with an exclusive leather handle that gives a premium feel and to be able to easily carry the fan with you.
  • Latest DC motor technology for energy saving of 5W power corresponds to a traditional fan of about 3-4 times the power,
  • Mobile rechargeable Table fan via dual sockets with both USB or USBC charging cable for faster charging with high-capacity lithium battery 10000mAh and the battery can be charged +300 times.
  • User capacity-Operating time approx. 8-14h when using the oscillation function and without oscillation 12-22h depending on the fan speed.
  • Powerbank can be used as an extra battery to extend the operating time before the next charge is necessary option you can charge the phone from the fan as well.
  • Battery charge indication via different colors, green with fully charged battery etc. USBC charging cable is included.
  • 2 different fan modes: Normal and Natural wind / Pulsating mode.
  • 4 fan speeds in normal fan mode and 1 speed in plus mode
  • Oscillation 90 degrees and 90 degree angle of the fan head
  • Product colors, White and aluminum in the telescopic stand.
  • Voltage: 5 Volts
  • Dimensions recessed position: 204mm (D) 100mm (H)
  • Dimensions folded up position at full telescopy: 1000mm (H) 204mm (D)
  • Net weight: 1.1 kg
  • Approval: CE / EMC
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Termo Gnosjö offers climate-smart and high-quality products at a good price. Infrared heaters, patio heaters, or cold air fans are just some of the popular products available.

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