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Amaryllis Lantern


Amaryllis Lantern

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Product description

TenderFlame Amaryllis is a timeless lantern that provides a warm and pleasant atmosphere. It will be a natural mood enhancer in your room, both indoors and outdoors. The lantern is made of metal and glass and the flame burns in a safe and environmentally friendly way for up to about 7 hours.

The lantern is fired with TenderFuel, which is an environmentally friendly and harmless fuel that only catches fire together with the wick in your TenderFlame. A revolutionary fuel that only works with your TenderFlame product. If water comes into contact with the wick, sparks will "pop" from the flame until the wick is dry again. So it is recommended not to use the lantern outside in the rain and to bring it inside if it starts to rain.


  • Color: Dark grey.
  • Materials: Metal and glass.
  • Dimensions: H 25 cm, D 33 cm.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
Logo TenderFlame

Tenderflame's business is flames, the purest flames. They offer small candles and large fireplaces, all with the same smart technology and with the same safe and clean fuel. TenderFlame works to have as modest an environmental footprint as possible. Everything is done with care for nature and people.

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