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Amplify Scissors 24 cm


Amplify Scissors 24 cm

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Product description

These premium shears feature a serrated edge to grip slippery materials for mistake-free performance. Perfect for a wide range of heavy-duty cutting tasks, the Amplify Serrated Hardware Shears sense blade separation and force the blades back together to cut cleanly through heavy materials. This incredible innovation in scissors technology means that you can cut materials like leather, burlap, and carpet more efficiently than ever before. This unique set of shears even includes a serrated blade edge to grip slippery materials for mistake-free cutting performance.

All of Fiskars Amplify Hardware Shears feature sharp, stainless-steel blades that cut cleanly all the way to the tip. Amplify Hardware Shears also offer excellent comfort and control thanks to sculpted finger and thumb loops enhanced with Softgrip touchpoints.

  • Ideal for a wide range of cuts through thick and heavy materials like leather, burlap, carpet, canvas, upholstery and much more.
  • Amplify technology senses blade separation when cutting thick materials and forces the blades back together for crisp, clean cuts every time.
  • The floating blade tang transfers energy to the torsion bar which adjusts the blade to its optimal angle.
  • Serrated blade edge grips slippery materials for mistake-free cutting.
  • Premium-grade stainless-steel blades with a precisely honed edge cut cleanly all the way to the tip and stay sharp.
  • Exceptional comfort and control provided by thumb and finger loops with ergonomic sculpting to fit the shape and natural movement of the hand.
  • SoftGrip touchpoints enhance comfort and control.
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