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Multigroom Series 9000 MG9710/90


Multigroom Series 9000 MG9710/90

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Product description

Perfect your style with the Prestige Edition trimming set combining our Multigroom with 12 quality tools. Quickly touch up your face and hair with the six reinforced cutting guards: 2 stubble combs for 1 mm and 2 mm trimming, 1 adjustable beard comb, 2 hair combs at 9 mm and 12 mm, and 1 OneBlade body comb at 3 mm.

The Philips Multigroom all-in-one hair trimmer is designed for facial styling and body grooming. The Philips OneBlade trims, edges and shaves any length of hair. It delivers an easy and comfortable shave thanks to a glide coating and rounded tips. With a cutter that moves at 200 x per second, it's efficient even on longer hairs. The self-sharpening steel blades on this trimmer for face and body are reinforced with iron and tempered for maximum strength. This results in blades that stay as sharp as day 1. No rusting. No blade oil needed. This Philips trimmer gives you up to 120 minutes of cordless use from a single 1 hour charge and it is 100% water-resistant, you can comfortably use it in the shower and easily clean it under the tap.


  • Number of tools: 12 tools.
  • Self-sharpening metal blades.
  • Maintenance-free, no oil needed.
  • Showerproof and easy cleaning.
  • Run time 120 minutes (Multigroom) 60 minutes (OneBlade).
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