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Cura Pearl Classic 5 kg Weighted Duvet

Cura of Sweden

Cura Pearl Classic 5 kg Weighted Duvet

Cura of Sweden
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Product description

CURA Pearl Classic is a high-quality weighted duvet consisting of seven layers, each of which has a specific function for achieving the highest quality and comfort. The 100% cotton outer material has a moisture-wicking and durable polyester material layer underneath. In the middle there is the filling, made of natural, honed glass pearls combined with polyester padding. The filling is sewn into place in a grid pattern so it does not slip around inside the duvet. This places a consistent and fluid pressure on the user’s body, helping them to relax. Many users describe the feeling of the duvet as a pleasurable, soft embrace over the whole body.

Choosing the right weight
CURA of Sweden recommends that you choose a duvet equivalent to 10–15% of your body weight. For example, if you weigh 70 kg, you should choose a duvet that weighs 7 –9 kg.

Delivery time
2 - 4 weeks.


  • Size: 150 x 210.
  • Outer material: 100% Cotton.
  • Inner-filling: Glass beads, polyester wadding.
  • Wash: Machine Wash 60°C.