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DUO White


DUO White

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Product description

The new Duo is SodaStream’s first sparkling water maker to be compatible with both SodaStream’s new stylish glass and reusable plastic bottles. The glass bottle is a beautiful centrepiece to the dinner table and perfect for hosting friends and family. With a 1 liter capacity, the dishwasher-safe bottles offer an optimal size for families and provide convenience - on the go and at home.

The DUO™ machine not only impresses with a high-quality design made of stainless steel elements, but also offers a more convenient cylinder change with a patent-pending and simplified quick release. Simply insert the cylinder and start bubbling!

With the SodaStream® DUO™ water sparkler, you increase the use of reusable SodaStream® bottles at home and on the go. By doing so, you'll help protect the environment from thousands of single-use plastic bottles.


  • Material: Stainless steel.
  • Color: White.
  • 2 dishwasher safe bottles included.
  • Carbonator charger capacity: 60 L.
  • Cordless.
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SodaStream makes it possible to turn ordinary tap water into sparkling water with or without flavor in just a few seconds. SodaStream helps consumers maintain daily water intake by making tap water more fun and exciting to drink.

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