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Firephant fire extinguisher 1kg


Firephant fire extinguisher 1kg

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Product description

The 1-kilo Firephant is a small, convenient fire protection perfect for your car, boat and caravan. It effectively extinguishes smaller fires in the home and acts as a complement to a 6 kg powder extinguisher.

Technical specification:

  • Fire Class: ABC.
  • Efficiency class: 8A 34B C.
  • Application: Car, boat, caravan, villa /holiday home, apartment and office.
  • Certification: EN3, CE.
  • Diameter: 114 mm.
  • Height: 279 mm.

NB! This fire extinguisher is approved by the Finland fire extinguisher safety certificate.

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Housegard's stylish fire extinguishers mean you don't have to hide the gear that must be retrieved quickly in the event of a fire. Also, Housegard offers a wide selection of fire alarms and other fire safety-related products.

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