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Optical Fire Alarm Pebble SA700


Optical Fire Alarm Pebble SA700

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Product description

Housegard´s optical fire alarm Pebble was created out of inspiration from nature by designer Lars Wettre. The soft and aesthetic look fits every home.

Optical fire detectors are very effective at detecting smoke at an early stage.

  • Model: SA700.
  • Sensor: Optical.
  • Battery: 9V (included).
  • Alarm signal: Minimum 85 dB/3 m
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • Functions: Test function and LED, which blinks in normal mode.
  • Installation requires the battery to be in place.
  • Certificates: CE, EN 14604.
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Housegard's stylish fire extinguishers mean you don't have to hide the gear that must be retrieved quickly in the event of a fire. Also, Housegard offers a wide selection of fire alarms and other fire safety-related products.

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