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Mesh laundry bags 3 pack

Laundry Sheets

Mesh laundry bags 3 pack

Laundry Sheets
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Product description

The mesh laundry bags are made from high quality thickened mesh fabric, made to last. The laundry bag is made to withstand high tension and the water flows easily through the mesh to achieve the best cleaning effect. It is designed to protect your clothes from tangling and damage in the washing machine. Your clothes will love the premium silky material that protects your finest garments, best for protecting fragile items, extending the life of clothes and more.

The zipper keeps the laundry bag closed during washing. The zipper cover is designed to prevent the zipper from damaging other clothes or the washing machine, and it gives you a quiet and unhindered washing experience.


  • Protect your clothes.
  • Zipper protection.
  • Breathable and durable premium cotton material.
  • High quality and long lasting, durable for up to 1500 washes.
  • To achieve the ideal washing effect, the number of clothes should not exceed two thirds of the laundry bag.
  • Volume: Three bags: a large 40x50 cm, a medium 30x40 cm and a small 20x30 cm.
  • Weight: 150g / 5.3oz.

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