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Roomba® i7 + Robot Vacuumcleaner


Roomba® i7 + Robot Vacuumcleaner

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Product description

Roomba® i7 + robot vacuum cleaner with Clean Base ™ External vacuum container makes vacuuming and maintenance even easier - the robot is automatically emptied into a closed disposable bag that can store the contents of 30 dust containers, so you do not have to think about vacuuming for several weeks at a time. A premium three-step cleaning system, which uses Dual Multi-Surface rubber brushes and 10 x suction power to clean different floor surfaces in your home.

The i7 + robot learns, maps and adapts to your home using Imprint ™ Smart Mapping technology, which lets you control which rooms need to be cleaned and when. Wherever you are, you can, via the iRobot HOME app, control where, when and how the robot should clean, so that the cleaning is really tailored to you.


  • Works with voice control.
  • Automatically emptied.
  • Self-docking.
  • Wi-Fi® connected.
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iRobot, the world's leading supplier of household robots, develops and manufactures robots that help people get more done at home. Both when they are at home and away.

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