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VC 2 EU-I dammsugare


VC 2 EU-I dammsugare

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or 252 €
Product description

Kärcher's VC 2 impresses with its hygienic and flexible filter system: It is easy to remove the filled bag without coming into contact with any dirt. This compact vacuum cleaner is particularly suitable for use in apartments and smaller houses. It is ideal for thorough cleaning of hard floors and carpets, and the crevice nozzle and furniture brush enable cleaning in narrow crevices and on delicate surfaces. Another advantage of the VC 2 is the HEPA hygiene filter, which reliably filters the smallest dirt particles such as pollen and other allergenic particles. The integrated accessory compartment, the power regulation on the machine and the practical parking position make this vacuum cleaner even easier to use.

The following are included:

  • Suction tube: 1.5 m, with bent handle.
  • Telescopic tube.
  • Filter bag: Fleece.
  • HEPA 13 Filter.
  • Floor nozzle.
  • Joint nozzle.
  • Furniture brush.
Logo Kärcher

Alfred Kärcher got his breakthrough in cleaning technology in 1950 when he developed the first European hot water washer. Since then, the brand has come to achieve great success all over the world with a wide product range in cleaning technology.

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