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Chambord Coffee Press 0,35 L


Chambord Coffee Press 0,35 L

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or 43 €
Product description

Discover the art of brewing perfectly with the coffee press Chambord. The coffee press is loved by coffee connoisseurs around the world for its simplicity and pure taste. The Chambord icon is synonymous with the Bodum brand. The original design dates from the pre-war period when the Italian Attilo Calimani developed the basic principle. Bodum's founder Jørgen Bodum began working on his version of the coffee press in the 1970s, but it was the acquisition of Melior-Martin in 1991 - a company that produced a dome-shaped French press - that led to the development of the classic Chambord that we know and love today.


  • Dimensions: 11x16x8 cm.
  • Volume: 35 cl.
  • Color: Gold.
  • The carafe is made of spotless heat-resistant borosilicate glass that does not change or impair the coffee's natural taste.
  • The stainless steel flask prevents ground beans from coming in when the coffee is poured.
  • More environmentally friendly than many coffee brewing methods - no paper filter or plastic caps are needed.
Logo Bodum

The history of Bodum reaches back to 1944 when Peter Bodum started the company in Copenhagen. The business is above all known for its iconic french coffee press but has over the recent years taken their typical Scandinavian language sense of design to other areas within the interior.

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