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Knife Set 2 pieces


Knife Set 2 pieces

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Product description

Global has many different knives and when buying several at a time it can be difficult to decide which knives to buy for both an amateur chef or a home cook. This set includes a flexible boning knife and a vegetable chopper.

The G-21 is a classically shaped boning knife and has a long narrow blade which is tapered to a very fine point. This allows the user to work round the bones in joints of beef, lamb or pork and cut out a sizable piece of meat. The blade is also flexible, which is great for getting under the skin and filleting fish. There are quite a few boning and filleting knives in the Global range, but the G-21 has a bolster, this is useful where working with raw meat or fish can make the knife slippery, it helps to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

The GS-5 vegetable chopper take inspiration from Japanese Usaba (Vegetable Knives), the relatively flat parts of the blade are designed to chop through fruit and vegetables and come into full contact with the chopping board and give a clean cut. The front of the blade is more curved like a chef's knife, to allow the knife to be rocked gently forward after each cut and encourage good technique.

  • Includes: Boning knife G-21 (16 cm) & Vegetable chopper GS-5 (14 cm).
  • Cromova18 stainless steel.
  • Hollow handles.
  • Handwash only.
  • Designed by Komin Yamada.
  • Made in Japan.
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The Japanese Global knives have been world known since the mid-1980s, and that is not without reason. Their aesthetically pleasing appearance, their ability to maintain their sharpness, and their handy grip make them indispensable in every kitchen.

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