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Ostindia Floris Plate 20 cm 6-pack


Ostindia Floris Plate 20 cm 6-pack

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Product description

Ostindia Floris plate from Rörstrand, comes in a set of 6 pieces. The task of reinventing Ostindia went in 2012 to the ceramicist Caroline Slotte, who created the Ostindia Floris - Ostindia's rebellious cousin. The bold pattern is characterized by a dense foliage, which unfolds over the porcelain like a flower. Ostindia Floris is elegant with a touch of wild freedom and a fascinating choice for everyday meals.


  • Decor: Caroline Slotte.
  • Design: Anna Lerinder.
  • Material: Porcelain.
  • Size: 20 Ø.
  • Withstands dishwasher & microwave.
Logo Rörstrand

In 1726, they started making porcelain at Rörstrand's Palace in Stockholm under the direction of German porcelain maker Johann Wolff. Rörstrand is thus the second oldest porcelain brand in Europe (after Meissen, 1709).

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