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Hue, Motion sensor

Philips hue

Hue, Motion sensor

Philips hue
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Product description

Your smart lighting is motion activated. The cordless Hue Motion sensor can be easily installed anywhere in your home.
Activate your smart lights with Philips Hue Motion sensors. Place them wherever you want completely wirelessly using a magnetic bracket or a single screw. Use the Hue app to customize the motion sensor and make settings based on the time of day.
Philips Hue accessories are versatile: Set, program and use exactly as you like.
Adjust the lighting so that the light is strong and cool in the morning. In the evening, you can choose muted, golden tones - it's up to you what they do.


• Wireless installation.

• Battery powered.

• Automates the lighting.

• Can be mounted wherever you want.

Logo Philips hue

Smart mood lightning from Philips Hue. Set the mood of the room - Instantly change the ambiance by adjusting the brightness, color, and temperature of your lights.

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