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Bird Feeder Window

Eva Solo

Bird Feeder Window

Eva Solo
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Product description

See the rich bird life outside the window up close. The window-mounted bird feeder is made of glass and is mounted directly on the window. The opening of the bird feeder makes it easy for the small birds to sit down on the edge of the glass and eat. At the same time, the transparent ball allows you to study the many bird species up close.

The bird feeder is mounted with double-sided adhesive tape on the outside of the window and is both discreet and elegant. It is filled with seeds through the hole and holds up to 350 ml. The glass can be easily removed to clean it. The glass is frost-proof, so the bird feeder can sit up all year round.


  • Dimensions: Ø20 cm.
  • Volume: 350 ml.
  • Material: Frost-proof glass.
  • Dishwasher safe.
Logo Eva Solo

Eva Solo was established over 100 years ago. Today, the company is led and owned by Jan Engelbrecht, who represents the fourth generation of the founder's family. Eva Solo creates functional and stylish interiors.

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