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s-Living Flex Black


s-Living Flex Black

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Product description

Jays presents s-Living Flex, a smart home speaker. Equipped with a built-in battery and designed to withstand water, make the S-Living Flex your best friend. Place it in your favorite spot around the house or take it to the patio to enhance any social occasion or if you prefer to just relax to your favorite tunes. The perfect choice for anyone who wants a flexible user experience, small enough to fill your smaller rooms with great sound or if you just want a smart, portable multi-room speaker. Want an even more expansive experience? Keep the music flowing throughout the house with the MultiRoom function. Add additional speakers in different rooms via the built-in Chromecast or Airplay 2 to have your favorite podcasts or music follow you from room to room.

Made with ease of use in mind, s-Living Flex offers an uncomplicated installation experience and integrates into any smart home setup. Connecting the speakers to Wi-Fi, or pairing them via Bluetooth (NFC is also supported) to your smartphone, is just a tab or click away. Built to work with Chromecast, AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect, your smartphone lets you control the speakers no matter where you are in the house and no matter what music service you use. In addition, it is completely ready for your smart home by being compatible with Google Home and Apple Home.


  • MultiRoom Wi-Fi speaker.
  • IPX4 rated, waterproof.
  • Airplay 2, Spotify Connect and Google Cast.
  • Portable with built-in battery.
  • Press controls.
Logo Jays

Jays was founded in 2006 with a vision that everyone should have the opportunity to experience great sound and design. Two digital-music-entrepreneurs, Jens and Johan combined their skillset and founded Jays where the name was derived from the founders initials J+J.

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