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Panther, 5 crankradio


Panther, 5 crankradio

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Product description

The Powerplus Panther crank radio is a multifunctional radio with a built-in charger and several smart functions. In comparison with other crank radios, Panther is better as an alternative in, for example, the car or on the hiking trip. It is a bracelet and has a strap that makes it easy to attach it to the outside of a backpack or similar.


• FM scan radio.

• LED Flashlight.

• Powerbank.

• AAA battery charger.

• Personal alarm.

• Dynamovev for charging.

• Solar cell for charging.

• Headphone input.

• USB for charging mobile phones, for example.

• 3 x AAA rechargeable batteries included.

• The LED illuminates for 4 hours when the Panther is fully charged.

• The radio works for 4 hours when the Panther is fully charged.

• 1 minute cranking with the dynamo crank gives: 12 minutes radio and 12 minutes LED lighting.

• 30 minutes charging in the sun gives: 3 minutes radio and 3 minutes LED lighting.

• If you charge the Panther in a wall socket, it takes 3 hours until it is fully charged.

Logo PowerPlus

Powerplus is the market leader in renewable energy-driven products. Their products use solar, wind or hydropower as a power source. They strive to offer products that are environmental-friendly, independent of electricity and cheap.

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