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SpeedComfort Trio Set


SpeedComfort Trio Set

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Product description

Get your room to the right temperature in half the time with the help of an element fan from SpeedComfort. Set your thermostat 1-2 degrees lower without compromising comfort. SpeedComfort accelerates the transfer of heat from the element to a room and distributes the heat evenly. The SpeedComfort has an external thermostat switch. This is placed near the hot water supply using magnets. When the element reaches 33 degrees near the thermostat switch, the fans will turn on automatically. As a result, heat is moved more quickly from the element into the room. The room reaches the desired temperature faster, and the heat is also better distributed.
The heat from the elements is also distributed around the room for a much longer time. SpeedComforts only stop when the temperature of the element falls below 25 degrees.

A SpeedComfort moves around 30 m3 of air per hour. The air in a room should ideally circulate once an hour.
Calculation example: a living room measuring 5 meters wide, 8 meters long and 3 meters high has a capacity of 120 m3. In this case, a Trio set with an Extension set, or two Duo sets, is required.
In a bedroom, a SpeedComfort Mono is usually more than enough.

For standard elements
Most elements have two or three panels (type 22 or 33) with a gap of more than 7 cm. SpeedComfort can be mounted at the bottom of the radiator in the gap between the panels. The magnetic rails automatically find the iron panels.

For narrower elements
If you have elements with less than 7 cm of space between the panels, pull the magnet rails out of the housing and put them back with the magnet facing up.
The blocks opposite the magnetic rails now only have an aesthetic function and can be removed. The SpeedComfort will now hang tightly under the radiator.

For elements with one panel
If you have an element with a panel, pull the magnet rails out of the housing and put them back with the magnets facing up on one side. With the magnets towards the back of the cooler, the SpeedComfort hangs tightly underneath.


  • Supplied with: Adapter, thermostat switch and connection cables (30 cm).