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StormBreaker Combo


StormBreaker Combo

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Product description

StormBreaker ignites instantly without heating, whether you use gas or liquid fuel. Switching fuel from liquid to gas is easy thanks to the dual-function nozzle. The same nozzle works for both types of fuel! Inverted gas container for use in colder temperatures. Generator-heated gas does not depend on the pressure from the gas cylinder to obtain a constant flow and combustion. The package includes Soto's medium-sized fuel bottle (700 ml) for liquid fuel.


  • Comes with a carry case for neat storage and transport
  • Soto fuel bottle 700 ml (stainless steel).
  • UH tools and a couple of gaskets.
  • Wind protection/heat reflector.


  • Energy: 3000 kcal / h 3500w 11780 BTU (liquid fuel).
  • Burn time: Approximately 48 minutes with 480 ml of chemically pure petrol.
  • Liquid fuel: Unleaded petrol and chemically pure petrol.
  • Gas fuel: Standard butane/propane mixtures.
  • Weight: 278g without pump, 448g with pump.
Logo Soto

Soto is a highly regarded Japanese brand recognized as the flagship manufacturer in the industry of outdoor burners. Leading to the brand motto: “Sparked by nature”.

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