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Viper Technical 2024


Viper Technical 2024

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Product description

For many, this model is known as the red racket. Now comes the Technical Viper, in a new and even more cocky design!
The Technical Viper is the most powerful model in the Viper series. The diamond-shaped design together with a top-heavy balance provides a hit point high up in the racket where the most speed is generated. The right choice for you who play offensively and aggressively with smash as the main weapon.

Babolat has for a long time worked with different types of damping systems in the racket to minimize vibrations in the racket that can lead to injuries. With Vibrasorb System2, vibrations are maximally reduced to provide more feel, increased comfort and less shock in the blows. The more you know the ball, the better you can control it.

Viper Technical's core is built on Babolat's X-EVA Technology. Three different layers of EVA together give a perfect effect. The two stiff outer layers provide extra speed on hard shots, while a softer inner layer provides increased margin of error and comfort on looser shots.

100% carbon hitting surface consisting of 12K Carbon, perfectly adapted to the shape of the racket to deliver explosiveness and a surprisingly controlled touch.

All top models from Babolat are designed with HPS-Technology, which means that the holes in the racket are strategically placed and adapted to the shape of the racket.

The grooved surface combined with a sandpaper surface, 3D Spin+, gives a really good grip and spin on the ball so that the player can put additional pressure on the opponent.

With the Smart Buttcap, you can remove and replace the wrist strap on the racket at any time. Whether you want to change the color or put it in the washing machine, it doesn't take more than a few seconds to take off or put on a new one.


  • Core: 38 mm.
  • Frame: Carbon.
  • Face: Carbon. 12K.
  • Shape: Diamond.
  • Balance: Top heavy (270mm).
  • Weight: 365 grams +/- 10 grams.
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Babolat is the world's oldest company specializing in racket sports. The company was founded by Pierre Babolat in 1875 and has since then devoted it's soul to racket sports. Today, Babolat has a complete range with both racks, clothes, shoes, and accessories.

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