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Hose 15 m.


Hose 15 m.

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Product description

Fiskar's moisture hose is a perfect tool for watering plants in newly planted flower beds, bushes and pallet collars directly at the roots without wetting flowers and leaves. This targeted irrigation method also reduces water consumption by up to 70%.

Secure it to the ground with the included metal clips. The hose can be placed both above and below ground and can be cut to the desired length with ordinary scissors. The length of the moisture hose can be restored using the 13-15 mm hose repairer.

One end of the hose is equipped with a plug with a drip function, the other end is equipped with a standard coupling with a coupling valve


  • Length: 15 m.
  • Standard coupling - fits other brands.
  • Consumes up to 70% less water than standard water sprinklers.
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