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Norden Universal Ax N10 FSC


Norden Universal Ax N10 FSC

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Product description

The hunting and leisure ax is ideal for one-handed use and for chopping and splitting wood. The ax is inspired by Nordic ax-making traditions and the carefully processed hickory wood handle gives the ax a natural look and feel. The innovative FiberComp protection guards against too hard blows and also makes it practically indestructible.

The ax combines durability with a perfect weight distribution, advanced blade geometry and a super sharp edge that retains its sharpness for a long time, all to make your work as efficient as possible.


  • Dimensions: 194x476x35 mm.
  • Carbon steel blade with anti-friction coating that protects the edge from sticking or becoming rusty and dirty.
  • Egg guard included.
  • Norden N10 is manufactured in Finland.
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