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Edge Pro Patio Heater 2000W

Termo Gnosjö

Edge Pro Patio Heater 2000W

Termo Gnosjö
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Product description

Smart infrared heater with control via Termo App. The infrared heater provides a comfortable warmth on the terrace, porch or in the conservatory. With low operating costs, high efficiency and the latest technology, the Edge Pro becomes the obvious choice of infrared heaters.

  • Termo App + connection: From iOS 7, from Android 4.3.
  • Range Termo App: 20 meters and password-protected. Each heater is registered with an individual ID.
  • Wireless music-streaming from the internet or via Spotify.
  • Power: 2000W.
  • Power Bluetooth-speaker: 2 x 6W + 2 x 1W Treble speaker.
  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Heating area: 14-16 sqm.
  • 190 cm cable with plug and wall brackets included.
  • Voltage: 230V-50Hz.
  • Protection class: IP65.
  • Approval: GS/CE.
  • Dimensions: 950x180x140mm.
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Termo Gnosjö offers climate-smart and high-quality products at a good price. Infrared heaters, patio heaters, or cold air fans are just some of the popular products available.

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