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Outdoor ax XXS


Outdoor ax XXS

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Product description

An extremely light, balanced ax that cuts efficiently and smoothly can be used with one hand, while being easy to pack and carry. A friction-reducing coating makes the head slide more easily through the wood, while protecting against rust. The shaft in FiberComp™ is extremely strong. The included case protects while you knock down tent pegs and use the ax as a simple hammer. The case also has a practical belt loop and protective locking mechanism.


  • X Series X13 Outdoor Ax XXS
  • Dimensions: W 2.5 cm, L 33.2 cm, H 13 cm.
  • Weight: 0.48 kg.
  • Ultralight hunting and leisure axe
  • The blade has double hardened steel.
  • Light shaft in FiberComp.
  • Case with belt loop and locking mechanism.
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