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Universal ax S-X10


Universal ax S-X10

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Product description

 Fiskars' new generation of hacksaws is suitable for all kinds of woodworking, chopping, carpentry, and pruning. The range offers quality axes with minimalist design and sharp functionality. Choose the size of the ax based on the task.

The villa and carpentry ax is a small, handy ax perfect for carpentry and woodwork on the farm or for small construction projects. It is well-balanced and has a thin, wide, and sharp blade that gives a good and clean cut.


  • All-round ax X series.
  • Ultralight, durable FiberComp™ shaft.
  • The new anti-shock 3D surface on the handle for a firm grip.
  • Comes with a plastic storage case.
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Fiskars will help you enjoy the time you spend in the heart of the home, the kitchen. From preparation to the plate, your cooking will be much more fun with their tools. Or if you love to take care of the garden, Fiskars garden tools will make it easier for you, year in, and year out.

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