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Bread Pan

Eva Solo

Bread Pan

Eva Solo
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Product description

The bread pan, with its rounded corners and sides, is easy to work with and works great for baking both bread and cakes. It is practically designed with an internal wear-resistant, ceramic Slip-Let® coating, completely without fluorine substances, which ensures that bread and cakes easily release the mold and you avoid unnecessary work when baking.
The coating in the mold can withstand heat up to 400 degrees. Also dishwasher safe and oven safe.


  • Material: Aluminum, Ceramic Slip-Let® coating.
  • Coating: Ceramic PFAS-free Slip-Let®.
  • Dimensions: D31 x W1 x H6.5 cm.
Logo Eva Solo

Eva Solo was established over 100 years ago. Today, the company is led and owned by Jan Engelbrecht, who represents the fourth generation of the founder's family. Eva Solo creates functional and stylish interiors.

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