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Uniform Coffee Grinder


Uniform Coffee Grinder

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Product description

Coffee grinder from Wilfa. The machine's heads provide a softer particle size for sweeter coffee and a fuller taste experience. The coffee grinder's grinding degrees are espresso, aeropress, pour-over, filter coffee, press jug, and other brewing methods. The lid on the grinder is an integrated scale that goes down to 0.1 grams in sensitivity. Easy to connect with your iPhone or Android via Bluetooth. The app gives you an overview of how to optimize the amount and what grinding level, as well as the "pour-over" program. The grinder stops automatically when the last bean in the container is ground. Uniform grinds slowly to prevent the coffee from overheating and losing aroma and flavor. Anti-static stainless steel coffee container is included and reduces coffee dust. Small brush included.


  • 58 mm wide and flat mill heads in stainless steel.
  • 40 different degrees of grinding with small steps.
  • The lid is an integrated scale.
  • Included App.
  • Antistatic stainless steel coffee container.
  • Autostop.
  • Grind slowly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Solid construction.
Logo Wilfa

Wilfa is a Norwegian-owned company that was established in 1948 and is today one of the Nordic region's leading suppliers of small electrical items to the thousands of homes. Wilfa is a leading brand with a focus on design, quality, safety and innovation.

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