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Blinis Pan


Blinis Pan

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Product description

A classic blinis pan. With a natural non-stick surface made from organic canola oil, it improves the more it is used. Concave, precision-turned bottom that makes the pan stand stable on the stove even at very high heat. Skeppshult's frying pans are made to last, year after year. Every Skepphult product is unique and not exactly the same.


  • 5 mm thick bottom to spread heat evenly.
  • Turned bottom diameter 22 cm.
  • Diameter 23 cm.
  • Height 1.5 cm.
  • Works on all heat sources.
Logo Skeppshult

Skeppshult has been hand-casting its products since 1906 according to old traditions. They are the only remaining foundry in Scandinavia that produces household products in cast iron.

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