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Frying Pan 26 cm


Frying Pan 26 cm

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Product description

Cast iron, steel, and burned-in oil. Natural, simple, robust and works on all heat sources. With a natural non-stick surface that is enhanced by using Skeppshult's frying pans made to last, year after year. It has a 5 mm thick base to spread heat evenly and a concave precision-turned base that makes the pan stable on the stove even at high heat. Every detail is cast in a unique sand mold, therefore every ship hull product is unique.


  • Self-ventilating steel handle.
  • Turned bottom diameter 21 cm.
  • Diameter 26 cm.
  • Height 3.5 cm.
  • Works on all heat sources.
Logo Skeppshult

Skeppshult has been hand-casting its products since 1906 according to old traditions. They are the only remaining foundry in Scandinavia that produces household products in cast iron.

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