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Metal Food Grinder 5KSMMGA


Metal Food Grinder 5KSMMGA

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Product description

Metal meat grinder from KitchenAid makes it easy to chop, grind or grate different ingredients. No more preservatives in your steaks, sausages or meatballs. Create your own recipes without mystery ingredients. If you love making sauces, salsas and dips, and mixing vegetables into meat dishes, this grinder is your friend. The Kitchenaid meat grinder is so versatile that you can grate cheese, make breadcrumbs, prepare fruit or make natural, homemade baby food.


  • Stainless steel knife.
  • Perforated discs for fine (3 mm) and medium coarse (4.5 mm) texture.
  • Coarse perforated disc (8 mm).
  • Sausage rolls in two different thicknesses.
  • Cleaning brush and press.
Logo KitchenAid

Nearly 100 years ago the American engineer Herbert Johnson invented the machine that revolutionized cooking. While testing it, one of the directors' wives was present and when discussing what to name the brand she exclaimed: "I don't care what you call it, it´s the best kitchen aid I´ve ever had". And so, KitchenAid was born.

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