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CookPerfect Wireless Meat Thermometer


CookPerfect Wireless Meat Thermometer

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Product description

Achieve perfect results every time with Witt by CookPerfect Wireless meat termometer.

The probe is equipped with six sensors, measuring the meat temperature in five places from crust to core, as well as the ambient air temperature.

The app informs the probe how you want your meat cooked: rare, medium or well done.

The sensors in the probe measure the meat temperature in 5 places, detecting the warmest and coolest area and thereby determining exactly when your meat will be cooked to perfection. The sixth sensor measuring the ambient air temperature is located at the end of the probe.

The air temperature alarm indicates HI/LO ambient temperature, which is helpful when grilling with the lid down.

The cooking time is calculated by the app from core temperature and air temperature data as well as your desired results (rare, medium or well done). If you lift the grill lid or open the oven door for a longer period of time, the ambient air temperature will cool, causing the app to recalculate the cooking time accordingly.

The app alarm can be set as a reminder, telling you when you have to start preparing the rest of your meal in order for everything to be done at the same time.

Cooking status and overview of the cooking process is also available in the app. Wi-Fi in the charger - signal sent to the probe via Bluetooth The cloud function gives you unlimited range.

• Wireless meat probe with six sensors and built-in Wi-Fi - precisely measuring the meat temperature as well as the ambient air temperature

• Air temperature alarm for HI/LO temperature

• Probe diameter: 4.2mm

• The app will tell you in advance when your meat will be done

• Status and overview of the cooking process. Use the alarm as a reminder to make sure the rest of your meal is done at the same time

• Run time per charge: 16+ hours.

 Automatic charging when the probe is placed in the charger

• App languages: DK, SW, NL, GE, EN (additional languages coming soon)

• Bluetooth range up to 120 meters

• Cloud function - unlimited range so you can keep track of your cooking wherever you are

• Additional probe available: Witt by CookPerfect Wireless Sensor

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