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Flight Deck L Matte Black Sapphire


Flight Deck L Matte Black Sapphire

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Product description

Oakley Flight Deck Snow is the latest addition from Oakley that both gives you superb visibility, keeps the fog away, and also gives you maximum comfort throughout the day.

A model with a wide field of view, the slightly groundbreaking design with frameless technology ensures that the snow easy flows off the lens and also provides unbeatable ventilation and fantastic wide-angle vision. Extra-wide strap with silicone on the inside guarantees that the glasses fit optimally on both helmet and hat.

  • PRIZM ™ is a revolutionary lens technology that fine-tunes the vision for specific sports environments.
  • Flight Deck has absolute top-class UV protection that filters out all UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light.
  • Flexible O Matter chassis that adapts to the face for maximum comfort, even in extreme cold.
  • Oversize 50 mm wide adjustable strap with silicone lining for a versatile and secure fit
  • Unisex
  • Easy to change the lens
  • Fits medium and large heads
  • Front color: Black
  • Lens color: Prizm snow sapphire iridium
Logo Oakley

Established in 1975, Oakley is one of the leading brands within sports gear in the world - focusing on product design and performance. Managing around 750 patents - they are known for their lens technology and high performing optics. Top athletes in the world and everyone with an active lifestyle would gladly wear Oakleys innovative products.

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